Common Questions

Things you should know.

How many sessions will I need to schedule for a letter of support to begin HRT?

The greatest determining factor for a letter of support is the preparedness of the client to begin to transitioning. For those who are able to demonstrate reasonable expectations of the medical process for transitioning and demonstrate emotional and social stability may receive a letter in 1-3 sessions.

What are your qualifications to be able to write my letter?

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker most physicians will accept a letter of support from me. Even with a letter of support, the physician may have more questions or concerns regarding your readiness for HRT. As an advocate and community educator, I have experience in helping health care providers gain the needed knowledge and resources to provide more competent care for trans and GNC patients.

What if I’m ready, but I’m unable to find health care close to me?

For those living in the South East, QueerMed offers HRT for their patients through a similar virtual portal. QueerMed specializes exclusively in HRT for the trans and GNC community. For more information about QueerMed, please visit their website.

Do you accept insurance for sessions?

No. HRTcounseling is a private pay program. However, I have designed the program with tight budgets in mind. I also offer a sliding scale fee for those who may qualify.

What if I would like more therapy with you?

HRT Counseling is a trans supportive program of Troy Johnson Counseling, and for those who need ongoing therapy, I am happy to offer bi-weekly and monthly Telehealth psychotherapy sessions.

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